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About GenreMediaHK

The name, GenreMediaHK found expression in an acrylic name style badge (my idea of individuality) back in 2006, and took off from there (until now).

The motivation behind the website name, manifested with a vision that involved Vernon finding expression through extensive writing via poetry, then contributing to editorial columns of many community newspapers in KwaDukuza, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The extended vision involves actuality, blogging, a vlog, podcasting, writing books and many genres of these media.

The contributors

Vernon Pillay

Vernon Pillay

I am a freelance writer that has real world journalistic xp, and I was a former councilman in the local municipality in KwaDukuza. Both the above sojourns were of five-year stints. I am heavy into watching most sports like Formula 1, UFC, soccer, rugby, cricket, basketball and more. Pro wrestling from WWE, AEW and the indies dominate my life. I love T.V. but I love video games even more, maybe. Movies and tea chai latte makes life a bit easier. I am straight and surprisingly single. Forgive the segue into the final sentence.

I hope that you enjoy the content.

Yeshina Soboram

Yeshina Soboram

An artistic, creative and sensitive soul whose passion for crocheting and knitting takes up most of her time. Sheena, as she is known to the people in her social circle, is also a sketch artist; whose amazing ability to apply color to her work leaves many in awe. A video gamer that loves Playstation’s Horizon series to Bandai Namco’s Tekken series, she is also into popular streaming video platforms.

Sheena’s woolen creations will be documented via images for all to see.

“Thank you for giving of your time to see my work.”

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