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Times are hard… economically

For all intents and purposes we here in KwaDukuza have felt the vice like pinch of the taxing (pun intended) economy on our collective household incomes and impacting on our minds via stress and anxiety.

This year, 2018 thus far has dropped the proverbial pipe bomb of the Value Added Tax (VAT) for us to panic and morph into anxiety. Then petrol price increase upon increase roving in a monthly dose fashion like collecting chronic medication. Now the television media is bombarding the citizen, consumer, and ratepayer with terms like technical recession and recession.

Dare politicians say, “We must tighten our belts,” because the spending power is like the empty notches that a belt buckle needs but is disappearing slowly. Not sure how a change in state president has left South Africans after months now that they have hindsight.

Ask the man on the street how he is feeling… really! The inner sadness of people over the current economic and political climate has some clutching at straws to retain a semblance of sanity.

“Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.”

C.S. Lewis.

Cllr Vernon Pillay (Ward 19)

The following letter appeared in the The Bugle (September 2018) in print. The above content was then enhanced for SEO.

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