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The KwaDukuza Mall employment issue

The hot potato gossip taking a back seat and the household daily talk reverberates around the opening of the mall and the employment of KwaDukuza citizens mostly… if only.

When KwaDukuza Municipality (KDM) councillors visited the site, I think a month ago; the developer addressed all in what would be Checkers soon.

The Honourable Mayor, Cllr Ricardo Mthembu raised the issue of employing our people from all 29 wards. Further to this would be the Cllrs (myself included) who make up the Youth, Sports and Gender (YSG) Portfolio Committee wanting the majority of our KwaDukuza youth being employed here.

To refine this even further I personally would love to see gender parity being priority when the plethora of stores are employing youth. This will peg back moral degeneration and give due credence in gaining moral redress among our youth especially.

I hope to come across a detailed employment report that records every aspect especially where the employee resides, gender and age.

Cllr Vernon Pillay, Ward 19

The following letter appeared in the Bugle (September 2018) in print. The above content was then enhanced for SEO.

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