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The IPP allure

Cllr Vernon Pillay of Ward 19 writes:

In SONA 2020, the green light for municipalities to source their own electricity has given the concept of Independent Power Producers (IPP) an aura of electricity nirvana that citizens may be attracted to.

However, the bureaucracy of policies towards inexhaustible green energy via hydro, solar energy and wind; in terms of cheaper pricing to us consumers, maybe a pipedream to us while simultaneously being a pipe bomb to Eskom.

This path to widening the expanse of green energy in SA is awesome on two fronts as it lowers our climate change damaging pollutants and reducing reliance on Eskom thus allowing energy to evolve.

The following letter appeared in the North Coast Courier newspaper (13 March 2020) print edition. The above content is enhanced for SEO, without editing.

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