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Netflix versus Streamberry

Streamberry is Netflix?

Black Mirror is awful?

A marquee (dystopian) series in the streaming giant’s staple, since 2011; Black Mirror, has entertained in a unique way. The latest season, in its introductory episode: “Joan Is Awful”, hits closer to home, if we think about it.

Netflix versus Streamberry: The Black Mirror episodic library, could find itself with its own website, a decade from now. | Image: Netflix

The triple headers of this piece, sees a descending order, that finds headers decreasing in size. Watching this episode, felt the vision resultant; of a mirror facing a mirror.

The old adage of art imitates life, comes to mind, or is it art imitates reality. Art imitates reality, imitates reality, imitates reality… ad infinitum, does fit. Remember, all is curated television.

“The point is, that Joan Is Awful is just the beginning. The aim here is to launch unique, tailored content to each individual in our database, all 800 million of them, created on the fly by our system. The most relatable content imaginable.”

Joan Is Awful fame (Black Mirror) on Netflix.

Suspend slight confusion

Wrap your head around this… We are watching Joan Is Awful (Annie Murphy) on Netflix. Annie Murphy‘s Joan, is watching Streamberry’s version of Joan Is Awful lead, played by Salma Hayek. Hayek is watching her Joan Is Awful character, played by Cate Blanchett, on Streamberry.

Fantasy and science fiction, is well blended with Black Mirror, giving us a peek into the future of entertainment. Our smartphone sensors, with cameras, and other devices, along with real time connection to the cloud, finds the situation all Joan’s are in, likely to manifest.

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Stream within stream: (Joan) Annie Murphy watching Joan Is Awful on the dystopian drama, Black Mirror’s fictitious Streamberry, starring Salma Hayek as Joan. | Image: Netflix

As per the show, Salma Hayek‘s Joan was portrayed by a fictitious digital likeness of Hayek, that was licensed. This episode makes light of the importance, of the terms and conditions of app installations on smartphones and personal computers (PC).

Prophesizing the future of Streamberry (err… Netflix)
The Quamputer, as shown in Season 6, Episode 1, of Black Mirror, on Netflix.
Quamputer: “An infinite content creator capable of willing entire multiverses into existence, right. And within those rendered worlds, shooting, packaging, and editing fully-edited program…” | Caption and image: Netflix

“I feel like I’m not the main character in my own life story,” says Joan (Annie Murphy) to her therapist. In retrospect, this blends with the narrative.

Netflix maybe on the hunt for new genres of entertainment, thanks to the above mentioned Quamputer or quantum computer. Artificial intelligence; curated reality television, starring yourself, based on a day in the life of a stranger, may be coming.

A meme creator, found on a Streamberry type website, allows you to create the Joan Is Awful theme starring yourself. (Click here)

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