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Arnold Schwarzenegger dominates South African Netflix

As of Saturday, 10 June 2023, Arnold Schwarzenegger is dominating South Africa’s Netflix top 10 viewing, on the streaming platform. Sitting side by side, the television series Fubar (fourth) next to Arnold (fifth), the docuseries, makes for binge watching. “Schwarzenegger dominates Mzansi Netflix”, maybe an understatement.

Schwarzenegger dominates Mzansi Netflix top 10 viewing, on the streaming platform. Television series Fubar then Arnold, the docuseries.
Screenshot of Netflix South Africa

Folks, whether you watch Fubar or Arnold first, it will feel like whether meal or dessert first, depending on who you are. For the newbie, watching, “Arnold” first, in its entirety, and then “Fubar”, will provide a holistic perspective of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Dominance on offer

The docuseries, Arnold, takes you on a journey, with three, one hour episodes, chronicling his life, with an almanac tone. The sequence in descending order: Athlete, Actor, and American (alliteration anyone).

The action-comedy television offering of Fubar, is eight episodes of father-daughter banter, born out of a mutual CIA cavalcade of events and a unique bonding element. This is the dessert methinks.

Fans whetting themselves

The rest is history? Nay, this is for the purists or casual fans from the 80’s and beyond. Maybe that is how Schwarzenegger dominates Mzansi Netflix, going forward.

Kids and teenagers from South Africa, will remember Schwarzenegger from many blockbuster movies, and franchises, via VHS tapes, mostly. The Terminator franchise (1984, and beyond), Predator (1987), Last Action Hero (1993), and many more.

Arguably, the DNA of Netflix documentaries finds its niche; in the easter eggs, manifesting with never before seen footage, interwoven in its offerings.

Arnold Schwarzenegger the man

Arnold is a versatile human being, having won the Mr. Olympia title, a record seven times. He popularized bodybuilding worldwide. This A-list actor, was also a politician, having served as the governor of California (where Hollywood is). The honor of being named as Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world on two occasions, was more impressive, and speaks to his numerous achievements.

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*Maybe Sabotage(2014), and Terminator Genisys (2015), currently on Netflix, could also join the South African Top Ten.

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