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Does KZN have #DayZero

As citizens and leaders, at the back of our minds we may be asking ourselves if what Cape Town is experiencing in terms of water shortages and the psychological impact of their people will blanket us.

When KwaDukuza citizens experienced two weeks of zero water years ago, it left an indelible impression of helplessness that may feel like PTSD if it finds repetition.

Currently KwaDukuza residents experienced stoppages and we always seem to be on tenterhooks as if water will stop anytime.
Desalination, we are reminded, is an ultra-expensive undertaking. However, it is a mandatory option because no living organism can go thirsty.
Do we have to be aware of KZN water #DayZero that may bring us close to a horizon zero dawn?

Cllr Vernon Pillay, 16 February 2018, North Coast Courier via the letters section

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