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Data broker anyone?

Most of us have insurance brokers and you know the lingo associated with the products. Data, as society understands it; is used to top up your smartphone and allows you to surf the internet, download pictures and use extensively for social media.

Data has the sound of currency to it. Just after the millennium rolled over, USB flash drives used to boast 128mb to 512mb and now thanks to Moore’s Law the price we paid for those capacities will now get you 16gb and 32gb respectively. Like this example, mobile and fixed line telephone providers are peppering us consumers with 50gb (gigabytes) of data to use for streaming Youtube in 720p HD, or uploading your video clips to Facebook and more.

Having internet access is a necessity for all households now but especially for learners. Most first-time buyers who ask for internet products get bombarded with tech speak and may get duped into buying spam hardware, so to speak.

Usher in the data broker… They don’t exist but with terms like ‘night surfer’, ‘uncapped’, ‘shaped to cloud storage’, ‘M-disc’ and ‘external solid-state hybrid drives’ – we may well need to take a Yoda like Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) from the Big Bang Theory fame when going beachcomber mode for data products at Ballito Junction or Lifestyle Centre.

Cllr Vernon Pillay, 26 January 2018, North Coast Courier via the letters section

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