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Home » Electricity post load shedding woes, traumatizing KwaDukuza citizens

Electricity post load shedding woes, traumatizing KwaDukuza citizens

KwaDukuza residents and business owners have been subjected to unfair treatment, thereby reeling from electricity post load shedding woes.

Electricity post load shedding woes
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In what seemed to be concern from the KwaDukuza Municipality (KDM) and its directors, towards the plight of its people, was then followed by a string of hopeful articles in the local newspapers. A front-page article; Comprehensive plan to ameliorate power crisis in which the KDM Mayor, Councillor Lindile Nhaca, outlined many ways to tackle the crisis, and the situation just went downhill. Consequently, no time frame was given.

A month later and the front page local newspaper story lead reads, Mounting calls for Jali’s removal. Previous month’s painful explanation about oversight and planning, by the KDM Mayor, was undone. The multitude of KwaDukuza’s peoples’ lack of faith, in the executive director for electrical engineering services, Mr Sibusiso Jali is ever growing.

Inside two weeks, another headline: “KwaDukuza ratepayers up in arms” detailed angry residents protesting in front of the Lavoipierre Building. Again, due to unanswered questions about prolonged power outages for days, and days on end.

They don’t care about the losses of others. We are working hard for our money and these purchases made and losses is no concern of the electricity department. How long the residents must endure such bad service…

KwaDukuza resident (Xpress Times, 9/11/2022)

KwaDukuza citizens’ protest due to electricity post load shedding, has found its voice in areas like Glenhills, Townview, and the CBD. Protest rumblings are reported on a weekly basis unsurprisingly. The festive season will find a dystopian aura, permeating the collective ire that explodes into bursts of intense frustration.

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Real time Whatsapp posts by helpless residents, on service outage groups, stoke dangerous situations. Consequently, a gunshot was allegedly heard at the Lavoipierre Building weeks ago.

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