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The Science of Consci3nce

Psychological feature prevalent in us all – 
Having its constitution in compassion, 
Imperious ego overtones surpassing dispassion – 
Leveraging pride and predatory passion, 
Ostentatious traits enervate the conscience – 
Stinging is super centric omniscience, 
Ogling subtle immoral moorings; not a savory science, 
Philosophy conspicuous by its cadence, 
Heart and intuition; tools of conscience decadence – 
Yeoman of yore; cultivating his own mind… 

Evolution succinct in conscience; maturation requiring – 
Noetic and eudemonistic analysis with self-confidence… 

ConXiousness or consciousness; a spiritual extension – 
Omnipotence of divine wisdom; allowing ascension, 
Nefarious and Neanderthal urges finding extinction, 
Fullness with far-reaching solace extradites, 
Unconscientiousness are some; when the heart dictates, 
Catharsis of Catholicism using self-punishment – 
Ingratiating the conscience to adhere to moral rules, 
Under the conscious dragnet, a conscience stands guarded, 
Nepotism by victim stance ignorance; moral statutes fade, 
Impressions of the heart clouding the mind – 
Stifling the obligation; desires needing satiation, 
Morality the vanguard that is; intuition the science that guides…


7 October 2009; Wednesday; (11h31)

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