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The Epitome of Self truth

Avant-garde in an arcane tenure – 
Finding truisms of pure truth, 
Tantalizing the soul; enriching the soul, 
Every person a unique one in a zillion – 
Requiring their manifest of truth despite being in the million… 

Desires refined; passions defined, 
Enervations part of life’s equation, 
Stifling and stirring are frustrations in summation, 
Truth of the self; prone to propaganda, 
Iniquity of impermeable situations placate, 
Nadir consequences taint the fertile ground – 
After which thy truth tends to come round, 
Tautology of the inner voice tantamount – 
Intuition the vanguard so paramount, 
Organism that floats the universe – 
Nodding at the infallibility of the essence of truth… 

Students we all are; knowingly or unknowingly, 
Perpetrating and philosophizing unwittingly – 
Impudence of self truth versus societal truth, 
Respite offered by spiritual incandescence – 
Ingratiated by subtle cathartic convalescence, 
Tantric indulgence and malleable mantras – 
Underpinning divinity in dichotomy, 
Avant-garde in an alternate Arcanum – 
Liberating a self from due familial influences, 
Intuition the vanguard so paramount, 
Tantalizing the soul; enriching the soul, 
Yearning for the epitome of self – actualization…


9 October 2009; Friday; 20h26 

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