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The Bodhisattva Siddhartha

Theravada school of Buddhism personifies their truth – 
Having kinship with other schools of Buddhist doctrine, 
Educating and encumbering Asia in near totality… 

Siddhartha Gautama; slimline version; original Buddha – 
Chinese Buddha; big round belly; rubbing - bring you luck, 
Intense concentration under the Bodhi tree – 
Excruciating in the stationary lotus position, 
Noetic nourishment His only mission – 
Catharsis of the soul; Siddhartha knew nirvana, 
Encumbering and enlightening multitudes… 

Omniscient knowledge expounded en masse, 
Faultless slaughtering of animals in the name of Vedas stopped… 

Coming to earth; an avatar of Hindu God Krishna, 
Opposing the ways of his princely duty, 
Nescience created by the unscrupulous ignorant – 
Siddhartha Gautama; the Buddha; used spiritual science, 
Canonical scriptures; compassion; self-purification, 
Intuition thro’ and of meditation of the Zen appraisal, 
Entertaining in His cheerfulness; serious in His foresight, 
Nursing souls with His divine knowledge -
Checking the influence of this Age of Ignorance,
Enlightening all entities; man and beast… 

6 October 2009; Tuesday; (17h11) 

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