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Cult of Avant-garde morality

Vanguard impressionists and movements – 
Ancient and modern sharing intellectual bereavements, 
North; magnetic north; true north – 
Gracing humanity all over ubiquitous earth, 
Understanding the extremists; sympathizing with saints – 
All producing dogma; theisms; truisms and their God, 
Representing morality and immorality averse to – 
Divinity and truth of mainstream scientific initiates… 

For decades those of demoniac personas – 
Ostracized in the name of God; brainwashing people en masse, 
Rebellious with religious fanaticism in heart… 

Surrealism – the art cult – Salvador Dali, 
Utopian streams of goodness modes – 
Reaching individual souls via prophecy nodes, 
Restructuring communities into cultist abodes, 
Entropy more salient and predictable, 
Allegorical anomalies bound by charismatic rhetoric, 
Love of the universal archetype perverted, 
Instituted by a ‘David Koresh’, 
Sinister in claiming to be the second coming – 
Morality of God’s preserve… spiritually avant-garde…


12 October 2009; Monday; (15h47)

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