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Spiritual Nirvana

Divine the soul so blissful and eternal, 
Intuition and heart – hands of spirituality, 
Veracity and vindication eloquently effortless, 
Impresarios in imminent touch with – 
Needs of the populace so guarded, 
Elevation and evolution are so within reach … 

Refined and robust in reticence, 
Enveloping and engulfing in efficacy, 
Liberating a life of livid languishing, 
Increasing an appending iota of impacting, 
Gravitating toward gurus with gusto, 
Impending irritations on ice, 
Oracle personifications overt in omnipotence, 
Spirituality in serenity is so salient, 
Impressed insanely, 
Transcending in spiritual totality, 
Yelling in yearning … 

Under the utopian umbrella – 
Noetic nourishment novel, 
ConXiousness in near completion, 
Entertaining with eudemonistic estimations, 
Nirvana - an enlightenment distinct – 
Spirituality conjoined staves false instinct, 
Omnipresent within and without – 
Realizations bombarding the mind, 
Elevation and evolution in elemental eternity, 
Divine religiosity bringing cool severity … 


23 September 2009; Wednesday; (15h27) 

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