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Soul Tether

(L)iberation from the queer democracy so ignorance laced, 
(E)vinced in the sentience generating from inherent a soul...

(P)sychedelic postulations perennial; pleasingly, 
(E)clipses of the moon; aligning the auspicious soul, 
(T)he tether - the living consciousness circumnavigates, 
(I)ntuitive inspiration ensues with unbridled umbrage, 
(T)ranscendent conscious traits now unwrapped by revelation... 

(M)usic of the religious Arcanum giving glimpses, 
(O)pening up the ears bombarded by peer rhetoric, 
(R)eceiving inexhaustible gifts from within, 
(T)oppling inebriety of an underwhelming heart... 

(E)tching every second of consciousness into the subconscious log, 
(N)ullifying the notion of noxious Neanderthal noesis... 

(J)oie de vivre in it's influence; refreshing the soul robust, 
(O)vertures of Odin in knowing when the tether snaps, 
(I)mmortal a soul in the mortal realm of skin and bone, 
(E)spoused in the Veda of yore; enunciated by many a seer... 

(D)ivinity delineated before many an observer, 
(E)liminating the fear of the Grim Reapers sickle; in its tether duty... 

(V)indication finding it's nirvana in karma, 
(I)mpersonal stints of discrimination inviting clarity, 
(V)indication coming of Freudian analysis finding parity, 
(R)oving is Valkyrie; nobody going to Valhalla; a rarity, 
(E)clipsing the cadence of Con/science - X - consc/iousness ... 

FIN --------------------------------- 

Joie de vivre: a keen enjoyment of living 
Odin: (Norse mythology) - supreme God of war, poetry & wisdom 
Veda: ancient Hindu spiritual science 
Valkyrie: (Norse Mythology) - maiden of Odin 
Valhalla: (Norse Mythology) - hall where souls of heroes slain - were received by Odin

13 August 2009 ; Thursday ; 12h01 

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