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Sedentary Catharsis

Appending past spiritual experiences to the now, 
Listening to the impending results coming to the know, 
Torpid tirades tease sought after progress, 
Employing self-preservation machinations – 
Reared to steal oncoming problematic inclinations... 

Ecclesiastical themes reverberate thoughts of purity, 
Giving momentum doses of undeniable surety, 
Omniscience of spectral divinity finds tenable clarity... 

Sedentary stipulations of salvation stay salient, 
Yearning to transcend in many an endeavor so valiant, 
Masquerading traits of pseudo satisfying societal norms so crass, 
Mesmerizing the desires that hanker for satiation - class, 
Easing into this individual identity catharsis finds universality, 
Translating into a plethora of sumptuous streams of versatility, 
Railroading the ignorance that plagues the mind of the citizenry, 
Yearning to transcend... 

Engaged to ideas creatively evolutionary, 
Quantum specter serenity swerving, 
Utopian umbrage keeping ConXiousness, 
Ingratiated by an iota of strange insanity, 
Purging superfluous emotions that dictate unceremoniously, 
Obsessive-compulsive behaviouresque, 
Sedentary catharsis,
Employing self-preservation machinations, 
Driven to alter ego symmetry...


3 September 2009; Thursday (21h30)

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