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8 goodies Azucena brings to Tekken 8

1. “Perfect Blend” possibly refers to her signature fluid dancer-esque dodging, clean striking, and grappling – which can be likened to coffee’s strength, body, sugar, and milk (perfect blend). Double entendre without the risqué part. 2. Spotlight on Peru starting with Machu Picchu, to the ancient Inca civilization, and now Azucena Milagros… Read More »8 goodies Azucena brings to Tekken 8

The truth about abuse

Cllr Vernon Pillay of Stanger writes: In this period of 16 Days of Activism Against Women and Children Abuse we are currently in, the headline above is not a line from a Seinfeld stand-up routine to elicit laughter- it is a reality. If I could say this with a feminist… Read More »The truth about abuse

Worrying crime growth

Cllr Vernon Pillay of Stanger writes: Carte Blanche this past Sunday night alluded to how USA reacted to the release of SA’s crime statistics and how tourism will be impacted, and we need take cognizance. According to SAPS stats on their website, nationally murder cases stand at an all-time high… Read More »Worrying crime growth

The KwaDukuza Mall employment issue

The hot potato gossip taking a back seat and the household daily talk reverberates around the opening of the mall and the employment of KwaDukuza citizens mostly… if only. When KwaDukuza Municipality (KDM) councillors visited the site, I think a month ago; the developer addressed all in what would be… Read More »The KwaDukuza Mall employment issue

Times are hard… economically

For all intents and purposes we here in KwaDukuza have felt the vice like pinch of the taxing (pun intended) economy on our collective household incomes and impacting on our minds via stress and anxiety. This year, 2018 thus far has dropped the proverbial pipe bomb of the Value Added… Read More »Times are hard… economically

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